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Just like the evil, air pollution is omnipresent. So we need a ‘Saarthi’, a vehicle that can reach every corner of a city.
What can be better than the normal cars that we use in our daily lives. Can our cars
be transformed into chariots to wage a war against pollution. Fate it seems is not without a sense of irony as our technology actually works most efficiently when mounted on vehicles.
Most importantly our solution does not create any environmental or health hazard
and is completely safe. Now automobile will be the hero- the savior.
One car on the street can now alleviate the pollution in its immediate environment,
and potentially neutralize the pollution emitted from 10 cars in its vicinity.
If mounted on all the public vehicles in the city, the dusky air the hails over Delhi
year round, will be clear forever. It can transform the polluted cities all over the
world into clean urban breathing grounds.
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